Premier Homecare in Montgomery County, MD  has the privilege of serving and supporting hundreds of clients each year.  We are honored by the many calls, notes and emails from our home care clients and family members thanking our staff for their attentive, professional home care. Here is some feedback from our clients.

“The range of services provided by Premier Homecare were professionally given, as we hoped would occur. However, the loving personal attention given my mother was greatly unexpected, while immediacy of action for every need, devotion to mother’s changing emotional landscape, and regular consultations given me so as to offer me input for turns in the road of care, gave my mother vast comfort and freedom from fear during her last years.” – Read More

“I don’t think that we could have gotten through it without the wonderful service we received from Premier Homecare.”

“She’s very helpful! She does little extra things around the house to show that she cares about me.”

“I would recommend them to everybody! I’m very, very happy and I know they can do anything that is asked of them! I really like Premier Homecare!”

“The caregivers sent by Premier Homecare were very good and provided services with warmth and care!”

“Premier Homecare are professional and punctual and they treat their clients excellently!”

“I have always been pleased with the caregivers that the agency sends to my home. They provide excellent, quality care for me and I would definitely
recommend them to anyone!”

“We have had our Premier caregiver for over seven years now, so she has become part of our family.”

“I have recommended them many times. Premier Homecare is very dependable and that is what people are looking for!”

“Premier Homecare is a knowledgeable agency with reliable caregivers.”

“I would recommend this agency for home care, because they have given my mom the best care that anyone could get. I feel very lucky with the caregiver that
we have right now.”

“I would recommend these services without any hesitation.”

“I would definitely recommend this agency to anyone who may be in need of home care. Premier Homecare has sent caregivers to our home who consistently
care for my mother and are capable of taking care of her needs. They are extremely compassionate and I appreciate their services.”