Premier Homecare prides itself on giving the most dependable and compassionate care available. Premier rigorously screens, selects and trains our caregivers, all of whom are employees of the company. This ensures that clients receive continuity of care from a highly qualified individual who is a known entity — not an independent contractor. As the employer, the agency also pays caregivers’ salaries, taxes, benefits, workers’ compensation insurance and professional liability insurance.

Since our inception, Premier Homecare has expanded carefully, growing only as fast as we can build a network of superior certified caregiversThis ensures that clients receive continuity of care from people they know and trust. We also offer ongoing training and education, thus ensuring that our caregivers provide the highest quality and most current care possible. 

Premier has professional staff working from our home office who providing constant field staff  support  including advice, direction and evaluations. Staff members are on call to handle concerns or emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.